You can now try Windows 11’s new File Explorer in preview builds



Windows 11 File Explorer refresh rolling out

The modernized version of File Explorer is now available to Windows 11 testers, and you can try it today by heading to Windows Insider Settings and then selecting Dev Channel after signing up for the program. The new version is designed to provide a more seamless and intuitive user experience.

File Explorer’s refresh comes with a new “Home”, which integrates Fluent Design System for a consistent, accessible, and interactive experience. A carousel of recommended files will be displayed if you’re signed into Windows 11 with an Azure Active Directory (AAD) account.

These recommended files are cloud files owned by or shared with the user, making the most relevant content readily available.WinUI, a native user experience framework for Windows applications, modernizes Quick Access folders, Favorites, and Recent in File Explorer.

File Explorer header and OneDrive

The upgrade also introduces a modernized address bar and search box to File Explorer. The new address bar can intelligently distinguish between local and cloud folders, even highlighting OneDrive sync status and quota flyout for OneDrive users.

New File Explorer hands

This update is being rolled out to select insiders in the Dev Channel. Microsoft plans to gather feedback and assess user reactions before making it available.

Alongside the File Explorer redesign, Microsoft is also introducing Dynamic Lighting, providing native control of Lighting Devices by implementing the open HID LampArray standard. It aims to enhance the RGB device and software ecosystem for users by improving the interoperability of devices and apps.

The Dynamic Lighting settings page has been included, allowing users to customize their devices. Several manufacturers, including Acer, ASUS, HP, HyperX, Logitech, Razer, and Twinkly, have partnered with Microsoft on Dynamic Lighting, with several keyboards and mice from these manufacturers compatible.

Users can navigate to the new Dynamic Lighting page in Settings > Personalization > Dynamic Lighting to control and configure their HID LampArray device at both the per-device and all-device levels.