Windows 10 Pro 22H2 19045.2364 x64 by SanLex [Extreme Edition] [En/Ru]



What's new:
• At least user feedback taken into account
• Overall performance increased at least
• Windows 10 system file storage saving automatically
• Release/build speed improvement improved at least
• Less heat dissipation under extreme PC/Laptop usage
• Improved performance in PC/Online games by at least
• Improved battery saving for laptops by at least
• Installing drivers via Windows Update in manual mode
• Improved performance for HDD drives at least
• Disabled additional telemetry-data collection at least
• Improved performance in heavy programs like Adobe Photoshop, etc.
• Remote services, server-side untouched (default)
• Disabled, short text, to the extent possible (contradicts privacy, not secure)
• This assembly includes the best quality of performance, security, anti-telemetry
• Protection in the absence of anti-virus applications, when downloading via torrent resources at least
• Memory dump is disabled by default, a workaround was found so that BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) is not created
• It is categorically unacceptable to use any tweaker / optimizers ( otherwise everyone is responsible for himself)
• Release/build completely under the direction of the User, no automatic installations until the user himself allows
• Strict view of the image when installing a release / build - no flashing backgrounds, only a specific background and text accompanied by a Windows 10 installation
• Automatic disabling of background applications / services when not in use / after closing, such as: System Settings, Microsoft Store, all applications that refer to the Microsoft store
... And much more, so you can’t remember right away.

• OneDrive
• People
app • Maps app
• Microsoft Edge browser
• Cortana - voice assistant (search works by default)
• Xbox apps (if you want to restore core Xbox apps from Microsoft Store)
• Removed all Metro apps except Microsoft Store (additional apps can be installed from the Microsoft store)

• Windows 7 calculator (original) [Multi/Ru]
• Net Framework 3.5, (includes Net 2.0 and 3.0)
• Cleanmgr+ "disk cleanup" along the path: Start menu > Windows Administrative Tools
• Photo Viewer "Windows Photo Viewer" as on Windows 7, 8.1 (default)

Disabled/Blocked (the list is partial - one way or another, many will not understand everything):
• Event collection
• Diagnostics and feedback
• Activity history (partly)
• Desktop analytics collection
• User Account Control (UAC)
• Notification access (partial)
• Delivery optimization from other PCs
• Resource discovery publications
• Steps Recorder
• Access to spam
• Adware (Consumer Experience)
• Standard Diagnostic Center Collector
• Sending data after installing Windows
• Syncing cloud content with Microsoft
• Blur screen on Windows logon
• Sending activity data collection to Microsoft
• Retrieving device metadata from the Internet
• Contact information and typed text collection •
Windows compatibility data collection telemetry
• Microsoft mail sync, calendar, etc.
• Customer Experience Improvement Program (SQMClient/CEIP)
• Biometric fingerprint identification
• Speech recognition application
• Disk backup for Microsoft update needs
• Contact information (part removed or blocked)
• Get information about games and options from the Internet
• Event logging and tracking records (part)
• Unwanted event collection is automatically blocked
• Send data to Microsoft about its activation status
• Microsoft keylogger (part deleted or blocked)
• Typing analysis and handwriting personalization
• Physical/Internet cloud sync
• Promotional information and app launch tracking
• Windows Media Player metadata capture
• Cortana voice assistant (search works by default)
• Windows 10 Insider Preview program
• Windows Defender - full package (non-recoverable)
• User data storage (part deleted or blocked)
• Basic telemetry for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browsers
• Background services, processes, unwanted applications
• OneDrive - cloud storage (part deleted, part blocked)
• Unwanted syncs (Microsoft, adware, etc.)
• Windows Spotlight (downloads Bing images, ads, tips, etc.)
• Auto turn off telemetry like in Windows 10 Enterprise
• Sending predictions of web pages visited to Microsoft
• Automatic installing Windows updates (works in manual mode)
• Privacy settings Application permissions (most)
• Telemetry data collection Microsoft reporting on improving Windows performance
• Backup for the needs of hibernation (sleep mode is enabled by default)
• In the Task Scheduler - unwanted disabled, deleted or blocked
• Folders in This PC (Documents, Downloads, Music, Pictures, Videos, 3D objects)
• Network protocol - Teredo (use carries more threats to the user than benefit)
• Application access to user advertising information (added, that is, blocked)
• All global data collection telemetry blocked or removed + auto-blocking in which case
• Indexing, caching Windows Search content (clutters up the hard drive system over time)
• Experimentation to explore user preferences, data collection, and device behavior
• Xbox Apps - Game bar, capture of game clips and screenshots subject to recovery (internet help)
• Automatic blocking of telemetry / data collection on future Windows updates 10 (Tuesday patches/fixes), etc.
• Automatically disable background services during normal-everyday use to save laptop battery and save power for desktop PCs
• Clipboard log, violates privacy (more information regarding clipboard versatility in the Internet search engine)
... And many other things that negatively affect for Windows 10 Pro 22H2 19045.2364 x64 by SanLex [Extreme Edition] [Ru/En]

Windows 10 installation / recommendations:
Burn disc image:
Burn a disc image to a USB flash drive using UltraISO programs or burn at a slow speed to a DVD

Install Windows 10 Pro:
Install Windows 10 Pro 22H2 19045.2364 x64 by SanLex [Extreme Edition] [Ru/En] only on a clean formatted partition of the SSD / HDD disk in order to avoid misunderstandings, unnecessary questions and unnecessary litigation. It is recommended to install with the Internet disabled. After installation, reboot the PC for the first time to make sure that all unwanted telemetry processes are disabled.

Installing Windows 10 Pro updates:
Windows 10 Pro 22H2 19045.2364 x64 by SanLex [Extreme Edition] [Ru/En] is configured so that future updates from Microsoft will install stably.

Driver update:
Installing drivers through Windows Update will be installed manually, as well as updates from Microsoft + go along the path: Settings> Updates and Security> Windows Update - run "Check for updates" , after an additional line "optional updates" appears - go> press the ">" icon - put a checkmark of your choice or in all the points of the proposed drivers for your PC - install, wait for the drivers to be installed - restart the PC.
It is desirable to install drivers from the manufacturer of your PC components.
Or with alternative driver update tools: Snappy Driver Installer, Driver Easy, DriverDoc
Snappy Driver Installer installation of drivers (alternative)

After each next update or clean installation of Windows, it is advisable to clean up the WinSxS folder on the local drive C: \ SSD or HDD drives, first make sure that everything works correctly and stably.
After opening the command prompt as Administrator, enter or copy and paste the command:
Dism.exe /online /cleanup-image /StartComponentCleanup, press the"Enter"and wait for the process to end.

Compression to save space on the local drive C: \ SSD or HDD drives, using Compact OS technology:
To carry out the process: run the command prompt as Administrator, enter or copy and paste the commandcompact.exe /CompactOS:always , press the "Enter" key and wait for the process to finish.
To return the system to its original state: run the command prompt as Administrator, enter or copy and paste the compact.exe /CompactOS:never command , press the "Enter" key and wait for the process to end.

Note. This process is recommended to be done on SSD solid state drives, although there are no problems with HDD solid state drives.
Savings on local C:\ SSD or HDD drives after applying Compact OS compression can be up to ~ 3.0 GB of free space.
Under certain conditions, a system in a compressed state may experience some performance degradation, but this will not be noticeable on most computers.
[quote] Keep in mind that it is always possible to return the files to their normal state if you notice any performance problems. In any case, before compressing system files, it is recommended to make a backup copy.

Instructions for cleaning up garbage after the next update of the Microsoft Edge browser:
After each update, go to the path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft "EdgeCore" / C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft\EdgeUpdate and delete the "EdgeCore" folders and Download. Note. This process will not harm the system in any way, but will save about 500 megabytes, or even more. NB!Delete after every Microsoft Edge browser update.

For all daily practice users and more professionals! The Cleanmgr+ software utility for cleaning Windows 7/8.1/10/11, which will not break the system, but clean up unwanted junk, there is a "compress to save space" item. The Cleanmgr+ software utility is in fact already configured, it remains only to launch and wait for the process to complete. Note!Always clean your PC after a Microsoft update (Patch Tuesday) or if you download/install large gigabyte (GB) files. The Cleanmgr+ software utility will not harm your Windows system in any way, but rather secure and save your PC resources - verified from the origin of the Cleanmgr+ software utility, which is 100% safe for Windows 7/8.1/10/11.

What does "Some settings are managed by your organization" mean:
Messages "Some settings are managed by your organization" . Such a message can be seen in the Update and Security menu, in the Windows Update Center, and in many other sections. And this does not mean that other people control your PC. In the case of a home computer (if it is not connected to a corporate network), "Organization" is not any specific company that manages system settings. This wording implies that you do not have access to certain settings, and you will not be able to change them.
This protector feature does not harm the system. On the contrary, it is designed to protect the OS from inaccurate actions and an unprofessional approach. With it, the computer will not slow down, “fail” or display error dialog boxes. Therefore, do not be afraid if an inscription appears in Windows 10 "Some settings are managed by your organization" . You will be able to work with the PC in the same way as before. However, if you need to change system settings or make new entries in the registry, this protector feature will have to be disabled. If you're going to unlock it in order to experiment with Windows 10 system services, don't risk it.

Please read this section before asking a question:
Build: Windows 10 Pro 22H2 19045.2364 x64 by SanLex [Extreme Edition] [Ru/En] for everyday and more private use. If for some reason you don't like something, move on or look for an alternative. Nothing to suggest on return, "but how to return this, another, third" , I will not do this, with the exception of errors, if any. In this assembly, it is not recommended to use third-party suspicious tweakers or optimizers , this will not improve speed or more privacy, but rather break the Windows 10 Pro x64 by SanLex system - a fact! It is not recommended to use a Microsoft account . Otherwise, everyone has the right to do as he pleases.

Frequently asked Questions:
• Can third party optimizers be used? You can, at your own peril and risk
• What antivirus or browser would you recommend? Individual situation
• When will there be a new anti-advertising hosts file? No need to constantly ask about this - as soon as, so immediately
• Can I ask you to return this / another / third? No, except for assembly errors, if any
• How do I turn on the microphone and camera? Go to Start > Settings > Privacy > Camera or Microphone > Change

Windows 10 Pro 22H2 19045.2364 x64 by SanLex [Extreme Edition] [Ru/En] is built using official tools and known trusted sources of information.

Safe and stable time on your PC (2022)

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