Windows 11 Beta build (KB5027305) brings new easy toggle between Wi-Fi and cellular



Microsoft has released builds 22621.1830 and Build 22631.1835 (KB5027305) to the Beta Channel for Windows 11 Insiders. The company writes in its blog post:

Hello Windows Insiders, today we are releasing Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22621.1830 and Build 22631.1835 (KB5027305) to the Beta Channel.

  • Build 22631.1835 = New features rolling out.
  • Build 22621.1835 = New features off by default.

The new build makes it easier to switch to cellular mode when the Wi-Fi connection is poor. It also adds new natural voices in Chinese and Spanish. The full changelog is given below:

What’s new in Build 22631.1835

Narrator natural voices in Chinese & Spanish (Spain and Mexico)

We are introducing new natural voices in Chinese and Spanish (Spain and Mexico) that allow Narrator users to comfortably browse the web, read, and write mail, and do more. Natural Narrator voices use modern, on-device text to speech and once downloaded are supported without an internet connection.

To use one of the natural voices, add it to your PC by following these steps:

  1. Open Narrator Settings by pressing the WIN + Ctrl + N hotkey.
  2. Under Narrator’s voice, select the Add button next to Add natural voices.
  3. Choose the language for which you want to install Natural Voices. List of available voices will be displayed.
  4. Select the voice you want to install. You can install all voices, but you must install them separately.
  • The new Chinese voices are Microsoft Xiaoxiao and Microsoft Yunxi.
  • The new Spanish (Spain) voices are Microsoft Alvaro and Microsoft Elvira.
  • The new Spanish (Mexico) voices are Microsoft Jorge and Microsoft Dalia.
  1. To start the download of the selected voice, select Install. The new voice will download and be ready for use in a few minutes, depending on your Internet download speed.
  2. When the new voice has downloaded, in Narrator settings select your preferred voice from the drop-down menu in Narrator’s voice > Choose a voice.
New natural voices in Narrator.
New natural voices in Narrator.

Note: If your display language is not set to Chinese or Spanish, then in step 3 you will first need to select “Choose a different language” and select the appropriate language followed by the specific voice.

FEEDBACK: Please file feedback in Feedback Hub (Win + F) under Accessibility > Narrator.

Changes and Improvements in Build 22631.1835


  • It is easier to control whether to use cellular when Wi-Fi is available but poor, using a new toggle which has been added to Settings > Network & Internet > Cellular.