Ghost Win 11 LSTC – No & Full Soft, Update May 2024 (Vietnamese )


Ghost Win 11 LSTC is built from Windows 11 24H2 IoT Enterprise LTSC installation package (OS Build 26100.560)
Integrated IRST drivers support installation on new generation CPU machines (Gen 10-13).
The no soft version does not install any software except for enabling Net Framework 3.5 and 7zip.
Windows 11 24H2 IoT Enterprise LTSC does not require TPM 2.0 and Secure Boot.
The ghost version has been optimized, adjusted, serviced,... before backup.
After installation, you can go to the C:\Extra folder to use digital license activation tools and Windows Update.
Do not personalize any Windows components.
Image of Ghost Win 11 LTSC

Ghost Win 11 LTSCGhost Win 11 IoT LTSC

Download Ghost Win 11 LTSC OneDrive

* Attention:

After downloading, check the MD5 is correct then install the ghost version.
This ghost version only packs iso files for optimization and installation, with enough options for versions similar to the image above. Refer to the quick installation article here  .
During use, clean up, optimize, and defragment the HDD so that Windows can work best.
If you have any problems installing or have any comments, please leave a comment below.
I wish you a successful installation!