How to Remove Windows 11 Password?


Removing login password of Windows 11 devices is quite easy.But you still need to go through the whole post the check all the steps you go ahead are right.This post will introduce you the detailed steps to remove/delete Windows 11 password.


Removing your password allows anyone to gain access to your data, not just Windows data. They can access your browsing history, passwords, apps, documents, and even more. However, if you are confident that your PC is secure, you can remove the password and save time to log in. For example, you might use Windows 11 as a kiosk that locks down only the items you grant access to.

After knowing and ensuring the potential data security risk, you can go ahead to remove the Windows 11 password now.

Step 1: Click Win icon and choose Settings;

Step 2: Choose Accounts on the left menu navigation,and choose Sign-in options;

Step 3: Scroll down to locate Password and then click to open it;

Step 4: Click Change button after You’re all set up;

Step to remove Windows 11 password

Step 5: Enter your current password when you see the following interface;

How to Remove Windows 11 Password?

Step 6: When the option to enter a new password appears, leave all fields completely blank and click Next;

Detailed steps to remove Windows 11 password

Step 7: Your password has been successfully changed to blank and you just need to click the Done button.

Step 8: Sign out of your account or restart Windows 11.

When you select a local account on the login screen after the PC restarts, you can log in to your device without a password required.