Fix ChatGPT is Not Available in Your Country


ChatGPT is a new AI-driven chatbot developed by OpenAI, many users use ChatGPT to generate codes, write papers and poems, etc. But there are user feedbacks that ChatGPT is not available in their country. But don’t worry, this article will explain how to fix ChatGPT is not available in your country.


Supported Countries, Regions, and Territories for ChatGPT

ChatGPT is available in most developed countries, except for a few countries such as Russia, China, Iran, Egypt, and Ukraine. You can click here to see the list of countries where ChatGPT is available. If ChatGPT supports your country, but you can’t use it, it’s most likely a network problem. For those countries where ChatGPT is not available, you can try the following solutions.

How to Fix ChatGPT is Not Available?

1. Use a virtual private network

You can use a virtual private network to bypass regional restrictions for ChatGPT.

 Note: To sign up a ChatGPT account, you need to use a phone number of supported countries for ChatGPT to accept SMS codes. If you don’t have it, please read the article carefully: How to Sign Up ChatGPT Without Phone Number?

2. Try using ChatGPT in private mode

The second method is to combine a VPN with private browsing mode (incognito mode in Chrome). When configuring a VPN and signing in with a number in the same region, try using a server located in the US or France while using Chrome’s incognito mode or a similar mode in another browser.

3. Use a cloud-based solution

Choose a cloud-based solution, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Google Cloud, for OpenAI APIs not available in your country. The data centers of these cloud providers are located in different regions, so you can access ChatGPT even if ChatGPT is not supported in your country. It is worth noting that when using a cloud-based solution, a virtual machine needs to be set up in a region where the OpenAI API is available.

4 Collaborate with developers

In addition to the above three methods, you can also cooperate with developers in countries that support ChatGPT. Using the results of their API requests, this developer can provide you with AI applications that you can use yourself. If you are looking for AI developers in a different region, you can find online or join an AI-specific forum or community.


Now you know how to use ChatGPT in unnamable countries. The four ways in this article will help you bypass ChatGPT is not available in your country problem. Hope it works for you.