Corona 9.1 for 3dsMax & Cinema 4D


 Quick overview:
Procedural Clouds: Fine-tune your skies to fit the needs of different scenes, and animate them with ease - you can even include airplane trails.
Corona Pattern: Tile geometry just like you would tile bitmaps. Greater realism than using maps, and it can actually reduce memory requirements.
Edge Trimming: An update to Chaos Scatter, this gives you control over lawns, for example, keeping that edging neat and tidy.
Lots of other improvements: Depth of Field from the fisheye camera, new Material Override settings to preserve slicers, out-of-core texture rendering to save memory at render time, and more.


Chaos Corona 9 for 3dsMax


MaterialLibrary 1 file

MaterialLibrary Corona 9 part 1

MaterialLibrary Corona 9 part 2

Corona Renderer for Cinema 4D 

Download Corona Renderer 9 plugin for Corona Renderer R17 to 2023