How to Download and Use FigJam Whiteboard on Windows 11?


Co-working remotely with team members has been a rising trends for most of the companies, enterprises or even personal business communications. Nowadays, the online whiteboard tools, especially the free whiteboard tools, have been more and popular and their customers keeps soaring. This article will introduce you one of the best free online whiteboard tools – Figjam Whiteboard, and how to download and use it on Windows 11 devices.

All you should know about FigJam Whiteboard

FigJam Whiteboard description:

Figjam whose developer is know as the team of Figma, is aiming at provding an easy-to-use and productive free online whiteboard for teams to ideate, create, brainstorm, and collaborate visually via the cloud.

How to Download and Use FigJam Whiteboard on Windows 11?

FigJam is actually integrate in Figma as a fantastic option for designers to express their own thinking and innovation projects. Such kind of online free whiteboard tool will help all the teams to stay organized, brainstorm creative solutions to their challenge, and stay focused on what’s most important to move forward with the process.

Key Features of FigJam:

  • Sticky notes and shapes allows you to share and organize thoughts and ideas;
  • Marker allows you to draw freehand, annotate the screen, or jot down quick thoughts;
  • React with stickers, stamps, and reactions to flag questions or up-vote ideas;
  • Things will be organized and stay in one place no matter in FigJam or Figma.

How to Download FigJam Whiteboard on Windows 11?

As we already know the amazing features of FigJam Whiteboard, you may be wondering how to download it to your Windows 11 devices.

As we mentioned above, FigJam whiteboard is a free online whiteboard tool, there is no need to download or install it. Just click the button below to access FigJam Whiteboard for free on its official website.

Of course, the Figma product has been available on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. You can download them to your corresponding device to explore the feature, as the FigJam has been integrated into it.

How to Use FigJam Whiteboard on Windows 11?

After accessing FIgJam official site, follow the steps below to learn how to use this whiteboard collaboration tool  on Windows 11. No prior knowledge of design tools should be learned, just start exploring it now.

  1. Click the button on the page to create an account;

2. Enter the email and password to start creating account;

How to Use FigJam Whiteboard on Windows 11?

3. With the account created, you can now explore the following feature:

  • Create FigJam files
  • Browse files
  • Share a Board Link
  • Create a Team
  • Use audio to chat with your team
  • Spotlight yourself and follow others
  • Invite collaborators
  • Many other features.


Now getting and using FigJam on your Windows 11 devices is no longer a problem for you. For detailed how to use tips, you can also visit its official site to explore.