Smart Driver Manager 6.1.785



Smart Driver Manager review

This is a fairly easy to use program that will help you scan your system and find outdated drivers, then of course you can update them to more recent and enjoy the fact that there is nothing outdated in your system. Who is interested to try, you can download Smart Driver Updater, to do this, go to the full news, and what to do next, I think every user of our glorious project knows already.

If you believe the authors of the program, this application will help keep your computer at maximum performance, as new versions of drivers, often have a positive effect on the iron, and because of him, usually depends, how the whole system works. Let’s look a little bit at the interface, it is quite convenient, no problems with settings, Smart Driver Updater at the top has tabs, you have to navigate through them and perform the proposed operations, in general, everything is simple and clear, for what the developers thank, did not become wise and confuse users.

On the official site, we can find information that Smart Driver Updater has access to more than 1200,000 drivers and the collection is constantly updated, which means that with almost one hundred percent result, will find a new version of the driver for your device. Once you run the program, you will be prompted to scan your computer immediately, I think you should not hesitate to click on this button. There is also a function to create a backup of the drivers, this is very useful if you are worried about them. Smart Driver Updater quickly make a copy which you can then easily use if the system crashes or the driver update made things worse, there are many cases, and the answer is one, don’t forget to make a copy. In the Download section, you can directly see what drivers have been updated, where they were downloaded from, what version and other other information, a useful section, I think you should not pass by.

Settings Smart Driver Updater has almost no, you just have to choose a place to be stored, in fact, this manipulation of the program can end. In general, I think we can end the review and finish, there is nothing much to add, really simple program with a nice look and convenient features, it remains only to check how it works, really looking for drivers and updates them, and then it happens, but this will be you to see at direct operation.

Briefly note the main functions of the driver manager

  • secure driver update module for any type of driver
  • huge database of devices from the last few years
  • backup manager with rollback feature
  • support of the database monitoring by a scheduler


Download Smart Driver Manager 6.1.785 – (5.2 Mb)

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