Google Wallet Now Rolling to Android Users, Google Pay to Work Alongside


Google Wallet was announced by Google at its I/O 2022 consumer keynote in May. Now, after around two months of its announcement, the tech giant has started rolling out the Google Wallet to Android users. As announced by the company back in May, the Google Wallet’s initial rollout to Android users will begin in 39 countries, while it’ll be available to all users over in the later phase. Google Wallet was introduced as a unified platform to help people access their payment cards, transit and event tickets, boarding and loyalty passes, and student IDs.

As stated above, the Google Wallet is now showing up on the Play Store for Android users. It now appears to be available for download to all the users. Google highlighted during the I/O 2022 consumer keynote in May that the Google Wallet feature will be rolling out to Android users in 39 countries. Japan will also get the feature soon, while Google Wallet may later roll out to all Android users.

For 37 of these countries, Google Wallet was said to replace the existing Google Pay app. However, explaining the same, Google states, “The Google Pay app works alongside Google Wallet. Use Google Wallet to store your everyday essentials and the Google Pay app to manage your money and finances..”

Google Wallet was initially announced two months ago at the I/O 2022 consumer keynote. Apart from being a unified platform to help people access their payment cards, transit tickets, event passes, student IDs, Google Wallet will also be able to save virtual car keys and vaccine records as well as digital driver’s licence and official IDs. This makes the Google Wallet similar to Apple’s wallet.

Google Wallet claims that it gives users fast, secure access to their everyday essentials. Users can just tap to pay, and it could be used everywhere Google Pay is accepted. Android users, in countries where the Google Wallet is rolling out, can download the app from the Play Store free of cost.