A Glanceable VPN Status in System Tray


Windows 11 KB5023775 comes with a glanceable VPN status in the system tray, which allows you easily see VPN connected or not. Microsoft released Windows 22621 Insider Beta Channels 1465.22624 and 1465.5023775 (KB11) yesterday. This new version comes with touch keyboard settings, more live subtitles, and several bug fixes. Live Caption will also be able to provide subtitles in Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazilian), Spanish and other English dialects.

Microsoft also introduced an update to a new touch keyboard setting, which replaces the “Show touch keyboard when no keyboard is connected” checkbox in the Settings app.

Never: No hardware keyboard is connected, and touch keyboard is also suppressed.
No keyboard connected: The touch keyboard will only appear when the device is used as a tablet without a hardware keyboard.
Always: When a hardware keyboard is connected, the touch keyboard is also displayed.

Improvements in 22624.1465

1 Taskbar and system tray

Added at-a-glance VPN status in the system tray when connected to a recognized VPN profile. The VPN icon is a small shield that will be overlaid in the system accent color over the active network connection.

2 Voice access

The redesigned voice-access in-app help page introduced in build 22624.1391 now accurately includes all commands and supplementary information.

3 Fixes for build 22621.1465 and build 22624.1465

Implemented Phase 3 of Distributed Component Object Model (DCOM) hardening. After installation, the changes cannot be turned off using a registry key.
Addresses an issue affecting computer accounts and Active Directory.

Problems with Live Captions

On ARM64 devices, if you switch languages in the Live Caption subtitle language menu, you will need to restart Live Caption.
Live subtitles in Traditional Chinese are not supported on Arm64 devices.
Some languages displayed on the Language & Region Settings page, such as Korean, do not support Live Caption.
When adding languages, language feature installation progress may be hidden, and you may not see the installation of Enhanced Speech Recognition (required for Live Caption) complete.
And the lack of out-of-language filtering in non-English (US) languages means that for speech in languages other than subtitles, incorrect subtitles will be displayed.

How to solve unable to install KB5023775

1 Press Win+I keys to access Settings.
2 Select a system category and click Troubleshoot.

3 Press the Other Troubleshooter button.


4 Press the Run button next to Windows Update.