ChatGPT-powered Bing is now rolling out to select users




Microsoft Bing ChatGPT

Microsoft’s ChatGPT-powered Bing AI is now rolling out to early testers, and one of our Microsoft accounts has also received the invite to preview the new search experience.

ChatGPT is the new trend in the computing industry, and Microsoft is betting big on AI as a significant part of the future of computing, and so is Google. Microsoft recently confirmed the rumours that ChatGPT is heading to Bing. Following a teaser last week, a new version of Bing with ChatGPT is now available on the desktop.

ChatGPT, as we all know, is famous for its ability to respond to questions humanly and conversationally instead of just sharing links to websites. ChatGTP and similar AI tech could kill the traditional search engine, and Microsoft is preparing Bing for the new fight in the search industry.

ChatGPT-powered Bing was announced last week at New Year’s City event. Following the announcement, the new version of Bing is finally available on the desktop. Still, it’s in an invite-only “early access” version, which means only select users have access to the service.

Bing AI is now rolling out. Here’s our first look!

Microsoft Bing Chat UI
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The new Bing delivers a complete redesign to the homepage. The homepage has been updated with a “Ask me anything” search bar which still opens the traditional search interface but allows you to access the “Chat” feature.

If you’re familiar with ChatGPT or (a ChatGPT-powered search engine), the new AI version of Bing uses a similar interface.

Bing Chat
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Microsoft confirmed the rollout of the new Bing Chat in an email.

“We’re excited to give you access to an early preview of the New Bing – your AI-powered copilot for the web,” Microsoft noted in an email sent to early testers.

Bing ChatGPT email
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The company also confirmed Bing is coming to Android and iOS soon, and there could be delays as the mobile experience is not ready yet.

“We don’t have a mobile experience ready yet — we are actively working on it and will have it ready soon. Until then, please continue to use the new Bing on desktop and download the Bing app from your favourite app store to ensure you are ready for the amazing experience when the mobile version is ready,” the company added.

While the Bing Chat UI works pretty well and answers are accurate, it takes about ten to twenty seconds to generate answers and another thirty seconds to finish responding.