How to Download and Use Freehand Whiteboard on Windows 11?


Freehand whiteboard is a popular online whiteboard app. Users of this collaboration whiteboard include Individuals, media professionals, developers, and e-commerce users who need an online whiteboard for interactive and collaborative work. Since it’s a web-based platform, you can use it right from your browser without installing any apps.

Freehand Whiteboard

How to Download and Install Freehand Whiteboard on Windows 11?

Step 1 Download from Microsoft Store

Step 2 Click the Get it now button

Step 3 Create a Microsoft account if you don’t have.

Step 4 Wait for the installation finished.

How to Use Freehand Whiteboard on Windows 11?

Step 1 Sign up your Freehand account by clicking on Try Freehand — Free on the

InVision Freehand website.


Step 2 Fill in the email, name and password.

Step 3 Click on Sign up button.

Step 4 Complete the email verification.

Step 5 Choose one from the team work or solo work.

Step 6 Hover cursor over the left-side panel of Freehand dashboard and click on Create your first space.


Step 7 Name your space and choose the security level that you want.


Step 8 Click on Blank Freehand to create your freehand.

All you should know about Freehand Whiteboard

Freehand Whiteboard Description

Freehand Whiteboard is a free online interactive whiteboard office collaboration productivity platform. Provides a cloud-based, real-time interactive workspace for teams to work better together, coordinate faster, and move forward together. Freehand Whiteboard centralizes the entire workflow of the team so collaboration can be done at every stage of the process. Make it easy for teams to plan, brainstorm, and draw on a shared online whiteboard, making it easy for everyone to visualize their ideas with diagrams, drawings, and more.

Whether your mind mapping, creating a customer journey map, or drafting an org chart, Freehand can help you and your team visualize ideas and plans quickly. All Freehand Whiteboard data is hosted on the cloud for the ideal team workspace setup. Freehand tools are easy to use and have many options. With features like shapes, text, images, and more, team members can leave comments at any time.

Freehand Whiteboard has all the necessary templates. Such as technical diagrams, brainstorming sessions, wireframing, etc. Also has a neat presenter mode. This is great for real-time presentations that lead the team to follow.

Freehand Whiteboard Features

Freehand is an online whiteboard that allows teams to plan, brainstorm and draw together. Designed to provide everyone with a handy tool for creating customer journey maps or drafting org charts, Freehand helps teams visualize ideas and plans.

Work anytime, anywhere

Consolidate all of your team’s work and workflow into one organized, unified workspace.


No more crossing wires, finding links, or wasting time keeping teammates working on multiple different software.

Create more together

Inclusion leads to innovation. Increase visibility and discovery when everyone’s work is brought into the same space.

  • online collaborative Whiteboard
  • online mind map
  • online workspace
  • Rich template material
  • online quick poll

Freehand Whiteboard Price

Free Version: Up to 100 active users are supported.

Pro version: $4 per person per month. Supports up to 200 active users and unlimited canvases.


Freehand whiteboard is one of the best collaborative whiteboard app. It is the best online whiteboard tool for designers. It syncs Sketch and Photoshop files, allowing teams to provide instant feedback on design work.